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Andy's private writing studio is tucked away in the middle of a beautiful little village near Aberystwyth in Mid Wales, 3 mins from the sea, 5 mins from the nearest railway station. 

It has been acoustically treated to meet professional broadcast and pro audio specifications.

  • ADAM, JBL & Avantone Monitoring, Mics by Rode, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, SE, Red Audio Valve and Manley. 

  • Steinberg Nuendo recording system running on an 8 Core, i9 iMac with 128Gb Ram and over 10 Terabytes of Solid State HD storage. Alternative music software used includes: Cubase, Studio One, Live, Logic and Pro-tools.

  • Numerous plugins including the complete Universal Audio plug-in collection running on an Octo Core UAD2 Satellite. Instrument plug-in bundles by Native Instruments, UVI, Arturia, etc.  

  • Universal Audio, Focusrite and TL Audio interfaces and Mic Preamps. 

  • A large collection of over a dozen modern and classic keyboards and synthesisers by Moog, Numa, Roland, Yamaha, Nord, Kawai, etc.

  • Fender Jazz, Indie 'Ricky' & Musicman Stingray Basses. Fender Telecaster & Fender Stratocaster guitars. EBS, Roland and Laney Amps. TC Electronics FX, Line 6 POD HDX, Trace Elliot & Vox Guitar & Bass FX.  

  • A 900Mbps, full fibre internet connection allowing remote recording of musicians and voice-over artists using dedicated software.

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Studio: Pro Gallery
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